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Photoshop is used by professionals and is infinitely expandible via plug ins.

It is used by photographers and digital artists alike.

For your course it is important that you keep a digital diary of your inspirations and the techniques you used. I like the snipping tool in Windows for grabbing and saving only part of a screenshot which saves you having to crop and resize.

sniping tool
I will use PS as a short way of saying Photoshop.

basicimage adjustmentcomposition infoadvanced info


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Hot tips

It would be unusual to master a technique in one go unless it is really simple. Don't give up, keep trying!

Learn about layers, selections and file types first
for a solid foundation

There is usually muiltiple ways of achieving a task in PS. It would be useful to learn a few ways as each image may respond better to different technique

Don't follow tutorials in magazines and the internet mindlessly. Try to choose ones that explains why a particular too and setting has been used.