Composition fun

I want to remind you that there is nearly always more than one way of doing things in PS. You may come to prefer a different way of achieving the same or better results. Choice is good!


The key to adjusting images is not to make it obvious that it has been done unless a particular look is meant. This may mean paying attention to shadows and placement of layers.

1. Layer Masks

With a layer mask we can paint with a black foreground colour to reveal (make transparent) parts of a layer below andvice versa with white paint.

Download image to practise


2. Removing parts of an image with the clone tool.

One thing the video misses is to say that alignment box in the clone tool properties should be ticked to make the sample point follow the brush.

Download image to practise


3. Swapping heads

Download images to practise


4. Blending two images together using a layer mask and Gradient tool

Download images to practise




1. Layer masks

Use a layer mask to one or two apples full of colour in a black and white image of apples.

red apple in black and white

Of course this will work the other way around.

2. Removing parts of an image

Using the clone tool


3. Swapping heads

cat and boy swap heads

4. Blending two images together


5. Make a cartoon





These are available for each tutorial. Remember to use your own though after practicing with mine.