Professional Retouching and Compositing

This page is for those interested in taking their basic skills further.

You may know how to create shadows or reflections for instance. To be really effective these techniques have to follow natural science. For example shadows in sunlight are different to artificial light. Shadows at noon are a lot different to those in the early morning. Water ripples so if you are creating a reflection you need to add these in. Ripples create their own shadows. You get the point? Don't worry we will cover these and more in the following videos.


1. A tricky selection problem

Download image to practise


2. Professional retouching techniques. sa

There is no standardised way of applying make up. However here is a diagram that some make up artists use. Makeup image

Technique 1 - is a customised dodge and burn system using levels and not the dodge and burn tools in the tools panel. It's slow but undoubtedly produces professional results.


Technique 2 - uses frequency seperation techniques. sa

This means that you can work on the colour of someone's skin seperately from the texture.


Download image to practise

3. Creating a snow or debris customised brush sa

Along the way here we are going to create a re_useable brush.

Part 1 - Creating the brush

Part 2 -Creating a snow scene

Download image to practise


4. 3D Popout effect sa

This is pseudo 3D. We will look at actual 3D techniques in later videos.

Download image to practise



1. Tricky selections

Use colour range and the refine edge tool to make a tricky selection such as a tree.



2. Retouching techniques

Here we learn two methods that professionals use for retouching faces for celebrities and models. Both have their advocates and can be combined.



3. Creating snow or debris using a customised brush

Snow is quite difficult to make look realistic. Snowflakes are all different sizes and will look bigger closer to the camera.


4. 3D Popout Effect



These are available for each tutorial. Remember to use your own though after practicing with mine.