Introduction to Computer Organisation

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The classic definition of a computer system is one which inputs data - processes it using program code- outputs the results and usually then stores the resulting information as data.

coputer system

A computer is a combination of hardware and software and we need an operating system to interface between them so we can use it.




2. Computer Organisation (6hrs)

I have made topic 2 the first one to learn. I think it will help your credibility with friends and family if you know how computers work first.


1. System
Fundamentals (20 hrs

Here we learn how new computer systems start with dissatisfaction with how things are. We learn the principles of succesfully designing and implementing a new system into a business context.


3. Networks (9 hrs)

Networks involve hardware and software that need to keep to a set of rules to give us all their amazing benefits of shared resources and information


4. Computational thinking (45 hrs)

Here is where we learn how to create algorithms and programs to solve problems.



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