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This is the progression of applications that we should learn. We will start with a Scratch game. For most, after that, I think Gamemaker will be the natural start. If not click on the relevant links in the resouces column.


The sophisticated 2D and 3D video games you play on your PC, X Box or PS are usually designed in teams. One team will create and work on a story line, another will develop the artwork, another team develop the code, another team test the code etc etc

The point is that games need to be planned and there is a planning template in the resources column.

Task 1

We are going to start with a Scratch game very loosely based on the movie Krull.

A princess has been captured and held prisoner in a castle which can de-materialise and materialise anywhere. Can the prince rescue the princess?

Damage the castle enough and the princess wil lbe released. Beware though, the castle can materialise on top of the prince and can fire back.



Next level hints


Task 2

After you have managed to get tutorial 1 working in Gamemaker then begin creating a space invaders game. The assets are not exactly the same as the instructions.

Instructions 1

Instructions 2



General How to's - Levels and animation





You can learn Scratch anywhere. It is available as a download for PC's, Mac and Linux. There is an Alpha testing Chromebook version now available. A lot of people just use the online version.



There are physical microbits available and you can use blocks of code like Scratch initally but then move onto Javascript and even Python




GameMaker is a powerful game platform GameMaker used for making 2D games. You can create almost any kind of 2D game you wish with this great piece of software. It also has limited 3D capabilities.





Here is where we learn how to use Python to create games. You should have learnt Python in class.



It's as powerful as Unity but easier to learn with Godot than with most other game engines for two main reasons. First, Godot has its own IDE, and second, Godot uses a language called GDScript, which is very similar to Python. C# is coming soon too.


Planning Document